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The Color of the Fall

Why Leaves Change Color

The Color of the Fall: Why Leaves Change Color Source: USDA Forest Service If you are lucky, you live in one of those parts of the world where Nature has one last fling before settling down into winter's sleep. In those lucky places, as days shorten and temperatures become crisp, the quiet green palette of summer foliage is transformed into the vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns before… Continue

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I Know No Religion - A Poem

I Know No Religion I know no religion, I know no nationality, I know no race, caste, or creed, O Mother, I know only two words – Love and Devotion, O Mother, I know only two words – Love and Devotion. - Bijay Raut,
February 2008

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The Four Major Goals of Life - by Swami Atmananda

The Four Major Goals (Four Purusharthas) of Life - by Swami Atmananda Purusharthas means that for which a person strives for. It implies our goals of life. It is extremely important that our goals of life should be very very clear. Just as before starting a journey we should be very clear about our destination, so also before starting any worldly or spiritual effort, we should very clear as to what we are trying to achieve, what is our goal.… Continue

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Why Do I Work? - A Poem

Why Do I Work? - A Poem

Propelled by desire, Or stung by fear, One works for these reasons, One may also work, To meet the both ends, Or to feed one’s family, There is a ray of light that I see, That entices me to reach to it, There is a bridge to that end, It traverses through the path of toil, The toil is work, The work that has become a joy, Because the goal is not mere survival, But emancipation from this veil of the Maya, The… Continue

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Harmonizing Head, Heart and Hands by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Harmonizing Head, Heart and Hands

By Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

What is spirituality and what is the role of spirituality in our lives? For many people, spirituality can take the form of meditation, the form of prayer or the form of a belief. But what is the meaning of spirituality in its true sense? We know that human beings function at three levels: at the level of the head or intellect, at the level of the heart or… Continue

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The Himalayan Moon - A Poem

Moon, You are all alone in the sky, Yet so mighty and bright, You receive heat of the Sun, Yet give us night so cool and fun, You are one in number, Yet brighter than all the stars together, You are without a lover, Yet inspiration to all lovers, When I seek you in the mirror of the ocean, I find you in the face of my beloved, When you glide through the night, My heart sings a song full of joy, Blessed is your presence, Without, incomplete indeed… Continue

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Guru's, how do you know they are the right teacher?

I recently discovered Osho, also known as Rasneesh. I was reading his quotes and really into what he was saying, but as I dug deeper I found out that he turned into a drug addict and abused the trust of his female followers. My question was this; does an enlightened person have to be perfect? People have reported that being around Osho was an amazing experience, that his mere presence lifted people, that there was no doubt that his psychic ability was advanced. Reading about him raised a lot of… Continue

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Tune In With the Cosmic Sound

Listen to the cosmic sound, a great hum of countless atoms, in the sensitive right side of your head. Feel the sound spreading through the brain. Hear its continuous pounding roar. Now hear and feel it surging into the spine, bursting open the doors of the heart. Feel it resounding through every tissue, every feeling, every cord of your nerves. Every blood cell, every thought is dancing on the sea of roaring vibration. Observe the spreading volume of… Continue

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Peaceful Warrior - The Movie

Peaceful Warrior - The Movie

"A Warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does"

Peaceful Warrior DVD (Anamorphic Widescreen) An inspirational and triumphant film about the power of the human spirit, Peaceful Warrior is the incredible true story based on Dan Millman's bestselling novel. A gifted young athlete, bound for Olympic gold, Dan has it all: trophies, talent, and all the women he wants. But… Continue

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To Begin a Meditation by Parahamsa Yogananda

Lock the eyelid-doors and shut out the wild dance of tempting scenes. Drop your mind into the bottomless well of your heart. Hold the mind on your heart that is bubbling with life-giving blood. Keep your attention tied to the heart, until you feel its rhythmic beat. With every heartbeat feel the pulse of almighty Life. Picture the same all-pervading Life knocking at the heart-door of millions of human beings and of billions of other creatures. The… Continue

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Smoke Out, Light In

The following simple breathing and visualizing exercise will help you relax and eliminate stress and negative feelings. Imagine that all your negative energy, mistakes, misunderstandings, and emotions are black smoke that you expel from your body while you exhale completely. While inhaling, imagine that all the positive energy of the universe is a pure, white light that you are taking in to every cell and atom of your body with the breath. Take a few… Continue

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The Spiritual Center

Sit in a comfortable sitting position, preferably cross legged.

Center your attention on the point located two inches below your navel, the spiritual center of the body.

Begin rocking back and forth slowly, decreasing the arc with each rock until you rest at your natural center of gravity.

Press your tongue on the upper palate. Breathe through your nose and taste your breath. Imagine your breath coming down into… Continue

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Spirit Light

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Begin breathing deeply.

Notice the light behind your closed eyelids. You will see streaks and blobs of color and light constantly moving and changing. Resist the temptation to create or project images onto the shapes you are seeing. Just calmly focus your attention on this abstract screen.

You will start to feel dreamy or perhaps sleepy. If your attention drifts back to your… Continue

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Sensation Awareness

Find a comfortable position in a chair or lying down. Let your body settle towards the earth. Relax and allow all the weight of your body to sink down. Breathe deeply and allow your body to settle deeper with each breath.

Watch your breath as it returns to its normal state. Just observe it and do not try to control it. Pay attention to how it affects your body; the rise and fall of your chest and belly. If you are feeling uncomfortable or have any… Continue

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Blue Light Breath

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight as an arrow. Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply.

Notice which nostril is most open and exhale as if only through that nostril. Imagine a blue-white light flowing in that nostril and reaching the point between your eyebrows. Exhale the same blue-white light out the most open nostril.

Now shift the breath to the other nostril. Imagine a blue-white light as you… Continue

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Mother Earth Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and eyes closed. Begin a calm and deep breathing pattern. Imagine your spine as an axis that keeps your body centered.

See your heart drumming its eternal beat.

Imagine your blood flow as flowing waters of the earth. The arteries are rivers of life. The veins are creeks and the capillaries streams. The heart pumps liquid up towards the surface like hot springs and underground… Continue

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Peaceful World Meditation

Press the tip of your tongue against your palate. Connecting the tongue to the palate is like completing an electric circuit between the body and the mind. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Press your front heart chakra, at the center of your chest, with your finger for a few seconds. Visualize a small earth, directly in front of you. Concentrate on the heart chakra and bless the earth with loving kindness. Visualize pink light flowing from your… Continue

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Attracting the Life You Desire

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Good things always seem to happen to them: they are promoted at work, they succeed at every new thing they try, they have a fabulous spouse and great kids. Are some people truly luckier than others, or is there more to it than mere luck? One theory, called the Law of Attraction, claims our personal energy vibration attracts similar energy vibrations, and this attraction can help you…


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Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying by Ram Dass


After being introduced for a lecture, Ram Dass eschewed the stairs and, from his front row seat, leapt up on to the stage--or tried to, anyway, but age and gravity brought him crashing back to earth. Like other baby boomers, Ram Dass has learned the hard way that aging is unkind to the body. But he has also learned that it can be an opportunity for growth. While others begin to devalue you, you can… Continue

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Silicon Valley Sunshine - A Poem

All day long,
All year long,
Silicon Valley sunshine,
Is like a sweet Tagore song.

-Bijay Raut

Added by Bijay Raut on January 3, 2008 at 10:33am — 3 Comments

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