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Guru's, how do you know they are the right teacher?

I recently discovered Osho, also known as Rasneesh. I was reading his quotes and really into what he was saying, but as I dug deeper I found out that he turned into a drug addict and abused the trust of his female followers. My question was this; does an enlightened person have to be perfect? People have reported that being around Osho was an amazing experience, that his mere presence lifted people, that there was no doubt that his psychic ability was advanced. Reading about him raised a lot of questions for me, like, if you meditate and cultivate your spirit until it is very powerful, are you becoming enlightened or are you just sedating yourself and allowing spirit energy to flow through you with more ease? Does enlightenment require meditation? I'm curious if anyone has found a guru that was beyond falseness in any way. I've read how lots of yogis would continue to have sex but keep it secret for "political" reasons. Curious what anyone's thoughts are on this.

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