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Wisdom of Uncertainty - Deepak Chopra Answers

Q. My question is a simple one, but in a way, one of the big ones. How do you live life when it has no guarantees? How do you dare to love someone, when they may die, or you may die? How do you dare feel safe walking in the world when maybe nothing will come in the next part, after death? These questions have never concerned me before, but suddenly I find myself thinking about them very much. I’m in my thirties but feel about 5 years old when I think this way, and almost wish I was, as at least I was oblivious to doubt then. I know there can’t be guarantees of anything, but that thought is haunting me at the moment. Any of your thoughts would be very welcome. DEEPAK'S RESPONSE I take the view that it is the uncertainty of life that makes love and life worthwhile. The craving for certainty is the ego’s desperate need to feel in control in order to be safe. But as you acknowledged, there are no guarantees, no certainties in the changing world. It is not reality that is making you feel afraid; it is the ego’s story about it. By honestly accepting that truth, we can flip our response so that we embrace that uncertainty of life as a positive. I call that the wisdom of uncertainty. By accepting that the future cannot be known or controlled, you bypass the fear and turmoil of the ego and open yourself to the joy, creativity and guidance that is present in the moment. In a world full of death and change, it is not a question of “how can you dare love another?”, I think its “how can you dare not to love?” Every moment of existence is absolutely precious, and to waste even a moment paralyzed by fear because you can’t control the universe is not a good use of this remarkable opportunity we have in life. Love, Deepak Source:

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