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Meditate on the Breath - for a higher Consciousness

A simple Meditation exercise for peace of mind:
Sit in a confortable position, even in the chair in front of the computer while you read this. Inhale and exhale a few times deeply: Inhale, abdomen out, exhale, abdomen in. Inhalte for about 4 seconds, exhale for about 4 seconds. After 3-5 breaths, let your breath flow naturally. Simply feel how the air flows in and out of your nostrils: When you inhalte your nostrils become a little cooler, when you exhale, they become a little warmer. Just observe this. Now close your eyes, and for some moments or longer just observe your breath.
Thi meditation exercise helps you to relax, feel peace of mind and recharge. Practice this meditation technique whenever you need relaxation.

If you know German, you can let the Computer talk you into meditation by a variety of Meditation Anleitung from classical Yoga.
In the Yoga Vidya pages you find a lot of Meditation postures. Even if you do not know German, you can see a lot of photographs.
Meditation hlps to expand Conscious ness, even though this parctice is a very simple one.

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