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Why Do I Work? - A Poem

Propelled by desire, Or stung by fear, One works for these reasons, One may also work, To meet the both ends, Or to feed one’s family, There is a ray of light that I see, That entices me to reach to it, There is a bridge to that end, It traverses through the path of toil, The toil is work, The work that has become a joy, Because the goal is not mere survival, But emancipation from this veil of the Maya, The work then is a play, The work then is a hope, The work then is a passage, To the distant land of realization, I work not just to meet my ends, Or to fulfill my desires and duties, But to purify my mind and body, To reach to the altar of the divine, I work to see the people close to me happy, To see them go beyond the duality of never ending needs, To a place where work is a pure joy, To be in that sole service of the divine, Is why I work. -Bijay Raut,
September 17, 2008.

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