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Download PDF brochure of the many programs of Yoga Vidya, Europe's leading Yoga Organisation. Learn more about, what you can experience in Yoga Vidya Ashram in the Center/North of Germany (near Hannover). Yoga Vidya Ashram is one of the biggest Yoga Ashrams worldwide. Everyday there are several hundred Yoga aspirants, practicing Yoga, meditation, mantra-chanting. About 1000 Yoga seminars, training courses, intensive Retreats are taking place there every year. You can experience an incredibly energizing spiritual and joyful atmosphere. A Yoga Teachers Training Course, a continued Training course for Yoga teachers, or just a seminar can become one of your strongest Yoga experiences.

Yoga Brochure
Some of the seminars offered in Englisch:

  • Asana Intensive with Narayani: September 13–18, 2009
  • Yoga Teachers' Continued Training: Jnana Yoga with Swami Saradananda: April 10-19, 2009
  • Yoga Teachers' Continued Training: Hatha Yoga Pradipika with Swami Atma: June 26 - July 5, 2009
  • Asanas- Anatomical Precision with Gauri Eckhart: July 15–19, 2009
  • Yoga for Yoga Teachers with Swami Saradananda: July 17-24, 2009
  • Chakra Meditation Teachers Training Course with Swami Saradananda: July 24 - August 2, 2009
  • Pawanamuktasana with Dr. Nalini Sahay: August 7–12, 2009
  • Yoga Teachers' Continued Training: Intensive F - Viveka Chudamani combined with Asana intensive with Narayani: September11–20, 2009

For more Information on these Yoga Seminars and Yoga Teacher Training,click here for downloading the Yoga PDF File

You can see all programs in German by clicking here

Are travelling to Germany? You are likely to find a Yoga Vidya Center there. More than 50 Centers are in Germany so far. Here some links for some of the Centers in some of the Cities:

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