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God is not a Being outside of you, judging you, governing the world and appropriating energies to different people/things as God sees fit.

God is you and you are God. Everything that we ARE is God.

Individually, each being is but only an expression of the single Unity that makes up our existence.

Religion has been necessary in the past, as the Divine plan has arranged, but is crumbling into the waters of Old World thought. It has served many well but it is of no use to keep fighting over.

A New place is upon us, dawning as we write and read these words on these machines.

Do not force anyone/thing to learn this, for they are on their own path of expression, and it may be that they are only supposed to have made their contribution in the old fashion/old belief systems.

All of us still have self-imposed limitations here and now, but they are diminishing rapidly, as the exponential curve starts to show its power.

Thanks for reading and WE all wish you a great day!

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Comment by Bijay Raut on July 3, 2007 at 3:21pm
Hello Next Dimensions,

Good post!

There is a distinction between Religion and Spirituality. Religion is group oriented, therefore confined in certain time and space domains. Spirituality is universal and timeless.

As one very adept Yogi from India put it:

"Only individuals get enlightened; not Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Buddhists."

Joy and peace,



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