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Renunciation, Celibacy, and Self-Realization: Chopra Answers



Is renunciation and celibacy important for attaining Moksha? If celibacy is not important then why do monks take that path? How does renunciation help the monks better than laymen? In what ways is their path better compared to those who lead a married life? Request you to answer this for…


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The 8 Limbs and 4 Types of Yoga: The Spiritual Side of Yoga

Despite its amazing growth in popularity, many serious practitioners of the ancient art of yoga see it as nothing…


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Sadhana - The Realization of Life by Tagore


Read the entire book at http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/tagore/sadh/index.htm


Amazon.com Customer Review:

"In My Top Ten of World Spiritual Classics,"

By Joel Freiser


Like the constancy of the great cellestial constellations, Tagore's Sadhana delivers the message of the human connection to universal transcendance in hauntingly beautiful English prose.…


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A Mother's Gift


"A Mother gives us the most precious Gift of Life and then nurtures us thoughtfully, with love, care and utmost affection, standing by us at each and every step of Life."

Happy Mother's Day !

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King Janak: How To Meditate



There was once a great sage and his disciple. The sage send this disciple to the court of King Janak to learn how to meditate. The disciple did not want to go. Here he was, a Brahmin, a monk who had renounced the world. What could a King who was only a Kshatriya teach him. But since the master had ordered…


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Role Model


A Role Model is a must for all. It is a great help. Unconsciously we all have one. It is something which inspires us, it touches the core of our heart. Something we love to emulate. We want to be something like that. It is personification of our goal - in flesh. We can…


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