Body - Mind - Heart - Spirit

Sit in a comfortable sitting position, preferably cross legged.

Center your attention on the point located two inches below your navel, the spiritual center of the body.

Begin rocking back and forth slowly, decreasing the arc with each rock until you rest at your natural center of gravity.

Press your tongue on the upper palate. Breathe through your nose and taste your breath. Imagine your breath coming down into the spiritual center below your navel and returning.

Begin counting each inhalation and exhalation. Count to ten and then go back from ten to one, starting over once you reach one. If any thoughts arise, acknowledge it and let it pass by returning to the count.

Each time you redirect your thoughts, you are giving yourself the power to put your mind where you want it.

As you practice counting your breath, eventually you will no longer need to count and your mind will just follow the breath itself.


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