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Find a comfortable position in a chair or lying down. Let your body settle towards the earth. Relax and allow all the weight of your body to sink down. Breathe deeply and allow your body to settle deeper with each breath.
Watch your breath as it returns to its normal state. Just observe it and do not try to control it. Pay attention to how it affects your body; the rise and fall of your chest and belly. If you are feeling uncomfortable or have any kind of pain, note it gently and continue to focus on your breath. Let go of any need to control pain or your body, just allow everything to exist within as it truly is.

You can imagine your breath moving like the waves on the ocean. The sound will be similar.

Every moment is unique. Notice how each breath has a different quality to it. If you feel any mental or physical tension, just note it and then let it go.

Any pain or discomfort should be softened by each breath. Allow your breath to massage it gently. Notice the feelings of pain or discomfort and how many sensations are actually taking place. With each passing moment, notice the changing sensations that permeate your existence.

Go deeper to feel more subtle sensations. Perhaps a tingling in the foot or tension in the lower back or a pleasant feeling around the eyes as you continue breathing deeply. Notice the pieces of your experience, does the air smell sweet or woody? Is the breeze gentle and cool? Is the sun warming your knees? Notice each fleeting moment of your experience, see how your life force will transition between pleasure and pain, grasping at the pleasure and tensing at the pain. Relax and let these changes happen.

When you finish the meditation, slowly come back to slow awareness of your body. Be conscious of the earth beneath you.


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