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River Float Meditation

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply.

See your heart drumming its eternal beat.

Visualize yourself in a boat, floating down a river. It can be a sailboat, a canoe, a kayak, whichever you prefer. It is your boat.

It's late in the afternoon and the world around you starts to shift towards the evening.

Lie back in your boat and feel the current as it gently guides your boat downstream.

Feel the draft of the cool river water as it wafts upwards.

Relax all your muscles. Relax your back and your neck. Relax your buttocks.

Let go of any tension you are holding onto.

Listen to the birds chirping peacefully along the banks. Listen to the waves as they gently slap your boat.

Feel the wind as it gently blows your hair and cools your skin. Take your time and enjoy the ride as you float through this natural paradise. When you feel completely relaxed think of the one thing that you wish for the most.

As you approach the end of the river, your dream comes true. Whether it is internal peace, the birth of a healthy baby, a good score on an application or test, it is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Feel joyous, peaceful fulfillment. You are ready to start the day and pursue your dreams.

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