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December 2008 Blog Posts (7)

Swami Vishnu-devananda's Birthday Celebrations - Today Dec 31st

Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda Swami Vishnu-devananda

Today (December 31st) Thousands of Yoga Aspirants celebrate Yoga Master Swami Vishnu-devananda's 81st birthday. Swami Vishnu-devananda lived 1927-1993. He was one of main the pioneers of Yoga and Meditation in Europe and…


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Painting of Swami Sivananda at the Ganga; from Yoga Vidya Center Frankfurt

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda lived from 1887-1963 and was one of the great Yoga and Meditation Masters of the 20th Century. He founded the Divine Life Society and the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh/Himalaya. He lived at the banks of the Ganga. This painting of Swami Sivananda in…


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Meditate on the Breath - for a higher Consciousness

A simple Meditation exercise for peace of mind:

Sit in a confortable position, even in the chair in front of the computer while you read this. Inhale and exhale a few times deeply: Inhale, abdomen out, exhale, abdomen in. Inhalte for about 4 seconds, exhale for about 4 seconds. After 3-5 breaths, let your breath flow naturally. Simply feel how the air flows in and out of your nostrils: When you inhalte your nostrils become a… Continue

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Ayurveda Rose Meditation by Leela Mata

Ayurveda Rose Meditation Guidance

Open your heart, come into inner harmony with you, find yourself, experience bliss, fellowship and unity. Leela Mata from the…

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River - A Poem

River From the source to the destination, I travel from here to here, I carry water, I make sound, I dance in rhythm and sing in joy, O Human, the blessed soul, Don’t you see that I am life? Though I begin the journey towards the end, Yet I have no beginning and no end. -Bijay Raut,
December 2008

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Look Forward, My Friend! - A Poem

Look Forward, My Friend! Not backward, Not in the past, Not in agony, And not in regret, Look forward, my friend! In a world full of cynics, Individuals regretful of the past and fearful of the future, Where will you find optimism, hope and peace? Nowhere but in the present, And in the present, by looking forward, my friend! Past is history, Put it in a dictionary, Look for a hopeful today and promising tomorrow, By forgetting all that already… Continue

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Buddist Tapestry

Yoga Vidya Berlin

Wonderful Buddhist Tapestry in Yoga Vidya Center Berlin

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