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What does "Spirit" or "Spirituality" mean to you?

Not everyone is comfortable with the term "Spirit" or "Spirituality." Here is what I say to people, when they ask me: What does "Spirit" or "Spirituality" mean to you?

Spirituality is the science of your inner world. Spirituality is nothing fancy, or what people call “new age”. Spirituality is all about being in touch with your inner source, your higher Self, your sacred Spirit within you.

Spirituality is not against materialism. Spirituality helps you enjoy material things even more – because it teaches you the art of detachment in the act of enjoyment.

Spirituality, at the same time, is not religion; because only individuals get enlightened or Self-realized, not Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, or Christians.

The following humorous anecdote may further help to illustrate the meaning of Spirituality:

One fine day, with a glass of wine in his hand, a friend of mine explained me what it meant to him to be spiritual. He said to me, “See, this is ‘spirit’ in my hand, and I will soon be engaging in the ‘ritual’ of consuming it.” He then added, “I will start feeling ‘spiritual’ soon!”

The humor behind his remark is quite obvious. But, his humor does capture the essence of what it means to be spiritual. When one is drunk, one feels “good,” or “happy,” or on “top of the world.”

Spirituality is indeed about feeling good, happy and on top of the world. Of course, with wine you may have hangover the next morning, whereas, with the real Spirit, your life is only uplifted, deepened, and strengthened.

I would like to know what other members of this group have to say on this.



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