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I just started a new Group. Everybody is welcome!

Dear Friend.

I'm here to promote a new Group I founded.

His Topic is: "Medicine and Culture". Medicine but beyond Medicine.
Medicine and Care like Science but even like a spiritual topic. Where health is also Spiritual Health.

My goal, like I wrote in my Presentation (located on the "Home Page"), is "Reaching the roots of Sufferance", in order to overcome them.

Roots also in the sense of "Physical Roots". But non in the sense Official Medicine often (too often!) said to us.

I believe Physical Health and Care very important. We are also Physical bodies.
So care is also Physical.

But not only. Health is, above all, inner health, restoring the inner balance that means body and mind wellness.

Health is also overcoming sufferance, the inner sufference preventing us from living a "full life" in the true sense of the world!

I'm also promoting my Group here because this Forum is concerned with every aspect of Human Soul, And so, I this that your contribution may be interesting in drawing, together, a way of conceiving health, sickness and to try to draw ways to overcome it.

I hope, inside my new Group, to have a deep sharing, of our health conditions, about our inner life, about even sufferance, but also about the path leading to its end.

The address of my Group is: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Medicine-and-Culture.

Here is the Home Page, where you may ask for joining. As soon as I receive your application, I'll approve it.

Everybody is welcome. The Group is just started.
But a group is a structure to be built up together. Thanks the help of each Member.

I'm waiting for you!

May inner peace and joy flood each moment of your life!


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