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Dear friends,

I will be hosting a yoga retreat in Boulder Creek California Fri 14th - Sunday 16th September.

The subject is; Subtle Anatomy, Consciousness and Its Modes of Expression.

You will gain an understanding of the subtle ananatomy of man, including Prana,Nadis and the Chakras. You will also learn how to purify and discipline the three bodies which prepare the body for advanced practice.

My Guru from the Temple of Kriya Yoga will be co-teaching and speak of the dharma whilst I will be teaching the Hatha or postures and breathing exercises.

You can e-mail me at camyoga@gmail.co if you would like more information.

The question you may want to ask yourself is; if I am not this physical body what am I? and how can I become more aware of that which I have no or little awareness of?

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How did the Kriya Yoga retreat go? I am sure it was a big success.

Joy and peace,



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