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The Heart of The Mind - A Book of Poetry


"Ultimately, poetry is the pouring of the divine consciousness through the pen of the master poet." - Bijay Raut, The Heart of The Mind

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"The Heart of the Mind" immediately stands out as a poet's quest to epitomize progressive human experiences - beginning from love, to celebrations and ultimately culminating into surrender - that are sublimely expressed in a timeless collection of 21 poems. Let the words stir your deepest emotions and you will find yourself, unfailingly each time, amidst your own journeys of past, present and future - taken, being taken and to be taken towards personal fulfillment. The poems beautifully express soft human side: love and yearning; elements of nature symbolizing human aspirations: moon and river; and everyday struggles of life: work, ego and pride. They also reflect inner human advancement that perhaps defies poet's physical age. Never has a reader been invited to such a spiritually intense journey, only to end at the last poem "Secret Aspiration" - one which reveals probably the most daring ambition a homo sapiens can aspire to have on earth. - from a Reviewer

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