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Dr. Deepak Chopra Answers: How Do You Access Your Higher Self ?

Accessing the Higher Self

Q: How do you access your higher self in meditation? Is there any particular technique that you use? How do you know that you are really in touch with the higher self? A: Meditation is an opportunity for the noise of the mind to subside and for the higher Self to reveal itself. If you use a mantra in meditation, the mantra allows the mind to undirected and neutral. This state permits the inherent attraction of the one’s inner nature of silence, joy and knowledge to draw the mind to the higher Self. So experiencing the Self is not something we can do through effort or technique. All you can do is create the necessary preconditions from which the mind can then go beyond its limitations and experience its essential nature. The experience of the higher Self is self-evident, in that it is pure consciousness—the knower, and the knowledge together. You know it because it knows itself. Love, Deepak Source:

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