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Deepak Chopra Answers: Spiritually Lonely

Ask Deepak: Spiritually lonely

March 31, 2009 Question: I have changed my life and every day I am learning and growing spiritually, I have notice that the friends I have do not interest me anymore, even my family seems to be taking second place and this makes me feel so alone I feel like I have no one, my spiritual life comes first before anything else I am so happy to be able to embrace this part of me, and it have taken full control of me, all I can think about is how I can be of service to others, I do my meditations and breathing exercises every day, I feel happy and relax and contended my life is just Blissful, can you tell me why I don’t find my friends interesting anymore and why I feel fearful at times, that maybe I am doing something wrong, I am single as well and I don’t seem to be able to attract a relationship, before my life change this was not a problem, now I am happy and found my self and working to get to know me, I feel I am standing all alone I am 47 yrs old how should I deal with this.
Answer: You are in the midst of changing the internal landscape of your mind, interests and priorities. It is natural that there will be a reorientation of your social habits and where you look for happiness. Right now you report that you are very happy looking inward for your fulfillment. As that happiness matures you will look to develop or reestablish relationships that now reflect a contentment that comes primarily from inside. This will be a much more rewarding basis for your social interaction than before. Instead of coming from a place of lack or need that you try to fill by validation from others, you will now be able to offer love to others from your own fullness within. Love, Deepak Source:

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