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Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

Change Your Attitude... And You Change Your Life!

Amazon.com Editorial Reviews This is a "success manual" that gives readers a step by step plan for taking control of their lives and unleashing their incredible potential. The book consists of
12 Lessons:
Your Attitude is Your Window to the World; You're A Human Magnet; Picture Your Way to Success; Make a Commitment and You'll Move Mountains; Turn Your Problems into Opportunities; Your Words Blaze A Trail; How Are You?; Stop Complaining; Associate with Positive People; Confront Your Fears and Grow; Get Out There and Fail; Networking That Gets Results. The book shows how author Jeff Keller used these principles to make a career transition from lawyer to motivational speaker -- and shows readers how they, too, can make positive changes in every area of their lives.
About the Author Jeff Keller, President of Attitude is Everything, Inc, is a speaker, seminar leader and writer in the area of motivation and human potential. For more than 10 years, he has delivered his uplifting presentations to businesses and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. Jeff is also an attorney and practiced law for more than 10 years before pursuing a full time career as a speaker and writer. He is the author of two highly acclaimed publications -- Attitude is Everything Newsletter and The Monthly Motivator. Jeff is also the author of the audio casssette program, Change Your Thinking/Change Your Life.

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