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The Secret, The Power of Now, Law of Attraction are all popular and a lot of us have read these books. Many in main stream society have the working knowledge but are lacking in skills for living the secret and the law of attraction. I live in Sedona, Arizona and I am sure if you did a poll here 99 % of the people have read The Secret, Law of Attraction, Power of Now, and all the popular books, cd's and watched the videos. Yet, there is a 'word virus" that runs rampant here. It is "No Problem" and I have decided to ask our social communities to raise awareness around this phrases.

Do we see our world riddled with problems and lack the ability to control our words to create what we want. We all have acknowledged that like attracts like if we see our world as a problem then problems is what we will attract. Let's all intend to raise the awareness of words and clean up our word diet.

If we end a conversation saying "no problem" are we leaving a bad after taste with our friends, family, or co-workers. Would we like to invite problems into their life as well as ours as we leave that word vibrating in their head as well as ours?

I challenge you all this week to be aware of words and keep them postive and uplifting for yourself your friends, family, and co-workers.

Annie Lawrence

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