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To leave

To leave to mould the wind, the wave on the shore is to see well smoothed pebbles, to bevel angles and even though everything seems corroded, after all the inevitable caress of the time is alone, it is the life that gives us the essence.

To leave to go is to make to be cradled, to closed eyes, from the waters of a river that, appeased by the impetus of the tide it will bring us " home." Do we know it, because therefore to fear?

If it felt it I orchestrate in the hands of the Mother it is had to accept to empty him of each ego to be its interpreters and therefore not averebbe sense to expect that her reality takes the fold from us attended.

How empty reed or rush we should be able of to conduct us where wants the wind, the puff that drives and to fold up us to the kind caress, flexible and ready to dance with joy.


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