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Saudi women challenge driving ban

As a woman I started driving at age 15 as most American women do. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee where

women were dominated by their husbands. However this level of domination is completely unimaginable, and I hope the Saudi women can win their independence.

Speaking of independence,let's look at some of the other things we need to gain independence from, like old habits. What habit do you have that you would like to… Continue

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Awakening to the power of Words

The Secret, The Power of Now, Law of Attraction are all popular and a lot of us have read these books. Many in main stream society have the working knowledge but are lacking in skills for living the secret and the law of attraction. I live in Sedona, Arizona and I am sure if you did a poll here 99 % of the people have read The Secret, Law of Attraction, Power of Now, and all the popular books, cd's and watched the videos. Yet, there is a 'word virus" that runs rampant here. It is "No Problem"… Continue

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