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October 22
San Francisco
United States of America
About Me:
I am dedicated to helping pregnant women and mothers alike, to find peace and harmony in their daily lives. At BreathingSpace, we truly believe that women at peace, help to cultivate happy and peaceful children that aid in the growth of their community.
BMHS Profile: BODY (Physique, Health and Senses) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Body Healthy, Well and Personable?
Yoga, hiking, kung fu, tai chi. Consuming fresh, energizing foods.
BMHS Profile: MIND (Thoughts and Ideas) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Mind Uplifted, Calm and Creative?
Breathing exercises, science, art, music and writing.
BMHS Profile: HEART (Emotions and Feelings) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Heart Loving, Kind and Compassionate?
Meditation and positive thinking. Learning to understand the uniqueness in all of living beings and the things they create.
BMHS Profile: SPIRIT (Access to the Source of Creation) – How do you or would like to access to your Spirit – the source of everything?
Meditation, art and music.

Josephine's Blog

Lotus Flower Meditation

"Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart. Everything that moves, breathes, opens, and closes lives in the Self-the source of love. Realize the Self hidden in the heart and cut asunder the knot of ignorance here and now." ~ The Upanishads Sit in your meditative pose and breathe deeply and slowly. Relax your entire body. If you feel any tension, focus on the feeling of space in that area to relax it. Inhale and move your consciousness up slowly… Continue

Posted on August 7, 2009 at 3:21pm

Focusing Your Energy

One of the fundamental ideas in Yoga is the ability to focus all of your energy or attention in one place. The place that is recommended to focus on is called the "Christ center" or "The third eye". It is located between the eyebrows, behind the bone. According to yogic writings, the more you can focus all your energy upward to this spot, the closer you will come to enlightenment. Reportedly, many yogis have been known to look up towards the heavens… Continue

Posted on July 15, 2009 at 2:03pm

Candlelight Meditation

Imagine you are an unlit candle. Someone comes along and lights your wick and you begin to glow with orange light. Your flame grows stronger and your whole body becomes engulfed. Feel yourself giving off this warm light. Your fire light is like the brightness of wisdom that is driving away the darkness of ignorance. You are the bright orange light. Feel yourself expanding, your light reaching out further and further until it fills your entire house,… Continue

Posted on June 17, 2009 at 5:19pm

Flower Chakra Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes ... Begin breathing deeply. Focus on your breath completely. Feel each breath crawl up through your nose, spread throughout your whole body and then out again. Imagine that you are at the gate to a beautiful place. Walk through the gate to see a luscious, colorful flower garden. In the center is a delicate circular fountain surrounded by magnificent flowers. Begin walking around the fountain and look… Continue

Posted on May 29, 2009 at 12:10pm — 1 Comment


Every vibration has a corresponding sound and everything in the universe has a vibration and thus a sound. When you chant a mantra, you merge with the sound vibration and become at one with the energy wavelength of the object of your mantra. All the saints who have ever reached enlightenment through the technique of chanting that mantra connect with you as you connect with the vibration of the mantra. You merge with their essence which has been… Continue

Posted on May 15, 2009 at 10:30am

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At 9:48pm on March 12, 2007, Bijay Raut said…
Hello Josephine:

Welcome to our Network. Your membership will certianly enhance the richness of this Network. Please continue posting your stuff.

joy and peace,

At 5:42pm on June 8, 2007, Asatar Bair said…
Hi Josephine, thanks for your comment and your kind wishes. I like your profile and your website.

Toward the One,

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