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BMHS Profile: BODY (Physique, Health and Senses) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Body Healthy, Well and Personable?
"There is, as I have already said, a connection between physical posture and mental attitude. Many of the postures of Hatha Yoga are related to specific and wholesome attitudes of the mind. All of the postures help in a general way to produce inner peace, contentment, and spiritual harmony. As you practice each pose, do not ask yourself merely, "What do the books say I should be feeling in this position?" Feel, rather, what the total significance of the pose is to your own inner consciousness." -Swami Kriyananda, raja yoga-

But yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline.

"I don't mean to belittle the yoga postures. Hatha Yoga is a wonderful system. The body, moreover, is a part of our human nature, and must be kept fit lest it obstruct our spiritual efforts. Devotees, however, who are bent on finding God give less importance to the yoga postures.The ordinary person's energy is locked in his body. The lack of availability of that energy to his will prevents him from loving the Lord one-pointedly with any of the three other aspects of his nature: heart, mind, or soul. Only when the energy can be withdrawn from the body and directed upward in deep meditation is true inner communion possible." -Paramhansa Yogananda, The Essence of Self-Realization-
BMHS Profile: MIND (Thoughts and Ideas) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Mind Uplifted, Calm and Creative?
"To experience Him as Light during meditation brings calmness to the mind, purifying it and giving it clarity. The more deeply one contemplates the inner light, the more one perceives all things as made of that light." -Paramhansa Yogananda, The Essence of Self-Realization-
BMHS Profile: HEART (Emotions and Feelings) – How do you keep or would like to keep your Heart Loving, Kind and Compassionate?
The best feelings are those which lift one in aspiration toward higher realities -Swamiji-

"You can only understand another human being if you approach him with deep compassion and love. You can only understand yourself with love for yourself, not for your faults, but for your real nature. You’ll never find understanding if you just look at yourself analytically, which usually includes judgment—that won’t give it to you. But try to love your own potential, to have respect for who you are as a child of God. This is also a part of the heart quality..Without that element of intuition, without that element of feeling and love, you can’t really understand anything. You can’t bind any reality of life with a definition. Yes, you can get an airplane off the ground. Yes, you can figure out how many miles it is from here to the sun, but what does it really matter?
To understand how to live your life better, to understand other people, and to understand truth, you can’t do it without heart. To think of God as the mother aspect is a way of helping you to love from your heart and to approach God in an infinite way. Yogananda used to say, “Mother, naughty or good, I am Your child.”... there can never be a bad Divine Mother, because she is your own true friend, your highest friend.
So Yogananda brought to this country one of the most important spiritual gifts possible—the idea of worshiping the Divine Mother... The qualities of compassion and of yearning are what will bring you to God.." -Swamij Kriyananda
BMHS Profile: SPIRIT (Access to the Source of Creation) – How do you or would like to access to your Spirit – the source of everything?
I Will Reason, I Will Will, I will Act... But Be Thou My Reason, Will And Activity, To The Right Path In Everything ! -Paramhansa Yogananda-

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my experience in the Ananda Institute after a month

"Divine Wisdom", as Swami Kriyananda explains in his book Affirmations for Self-Healing, "is omniscience itself. In such wisdom there is no shadow of sorrow, only Bliss Absolute, Bliss Infinite, Bliss Eternal!" And this is exactly what I have come to realize during the first weeks at the Institute. Wisdom isn't about the amount of knowledge we think we posses, it is about what we choose to do with that knowledge, how we use it, that is important! "True human wisdom means recognizing at last the… Continue

Posted on September 30, 2007 at 3:50pm — 1 Comment

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At 5:04pm on July 14, 2007, Bijay Raut said…
Hello Eef:

Welcome to HigherCons! Look forward to reading more of your thoughts and feelings.

Welcome again!

Joy and peace,


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