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A poem about getting rid of the Past

Dear friends. I'm plesed to share with you a Poem. I wrote this Poem when I attended a retreat in Hohenau - Bavarian Forrest, Germany, in 2005.
The topic of this writing is simple: in order to live a full life, we ought to get rid of the past, facing sorrow and anguish that may come across during our life, without running away. If you face sorrow, you find out that joy may spread from it. If you face the beast lying into yourself, fearless and out of a smile, a wonderful flower may blossom. And so, a new life is really about to start. And this new life is really you!

I wish you the best in each moment of your life. May your heart be full of joy and peace!


Allow your self, my dear friend, to carry your weight, making it light.
Allow yourself to get rid of the picture, laying deeply in your heart, crowding it: it’s not you.
Allow yourself: don’t be carried away by your thoughts: they are just illusions: they are nothing!

Allow yourself to look deeply into your heart.
A treasure you’ll find, the best… emptiness.

A drop of emptiness, and, at the same, the Whole Universe in you, and you in it.
So, true Life may blossom in you: enjoy each moment, and the whispering of the wind will soon
Change in a melody, whose notes are the ones of your heart: it’s Love!

Sergio Ragaini

Hohenau, Bavarian Forrest, Germany, July, 15th, 2005.

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Hello Sergio:

What a beautiful poem!

It has become so habitual for many of us to cling to the past, especially to the traumas and sadness of the forgone days. Your poem not only brings to light the futility of hanging on to the past, but also gives hope to move forward - into a hopeful and joyful tomorrow. What a great message!

Thanks for sharing this creative expression with us. Look forward to reading more of your poems.

Joy and peace,

Thank you :)))


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