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Dear Friends.
I'd like to share with you a Poetry I wrote at the end of a period I spend in a Spiritual Practice Center in Germany, between September and October 2006, for about one month (Intersein Zentrum, founded by Karl and Helga Riedl. The most important Center in Europe for Thich Nhat Nanh Tradition. For this Tradition see : www.iamhome.org ).
It was a very flufilling period, rich of positive and wholesome light. In which I came acrosso several friendly people, expecially from Germany, but not even.

At the end of these days, when the day of departure came closer and closer (even delayed as much as possible), I felt like a dream was about to reach its end.
So, my impression was like "opening my eyes", in the morning, afret a wonderful dream.

In this way, it may appear like a remind, a thing fading more and more.

But, reminding Thich Nhat Hanh, in the Ultimate Dimension there's "No coming, no going, no after, no before" and everything is here.

So, when we dwell in mindfulness, everything is here, and the voices resound again in my heart.

This is true life. Everything is impermanent, but there's no death, no birth, but only trasformation.

So, let mee know your impressions about my poetry.

A lot of greetings to everybody, with an Ocean of light, that may fill your life with joy, peace and Love.


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Thanks for sharing a very beautiful poem. I am pasting your poem below so that other members may not have to download the file:

Open your eyes…… the dream is over
Open your eyes… everything is reaching its end
Open your eyes… the light of the sun is fading all your dreams… life restarts.

A thing comes to an end … a black screen, facing you…. the film is over
Lights turning off…. the show is terminated… now it’s time to come back.
Lights switching off…what’s the remaining of the show….all illusion?

What’s the remaining of an experience, of sweet voices, of smiling faces calling you…it’s over
What rests of some light in your heart, when the winter wind cools it, turning it into night.
What’s the remaining of some moments, even long: a blinking into an endless sky…..nothing

What rests…..but everything is impermanent, everything comes and goes…and comes again
Life is so…an endless cycle of life and death…and a new rebirth

What rests…but, touching the ultimate, lying deeply into your heart…there’s no coming, no going
……everything is now.

If, for a moment, you dwell in mindfulness…everything comes back to you
If….for a while…..you turn back to yourself…everything is in you, again.

And voices come back, like a gentle sound, filling your heart
And each face, each smile…..is still here, everlasting
And everything is back…you experience the joy again, in each moment….the sun shines again
In your heart…everything is here.

And you taste life….true life….that nobody and nothing may clear….healing everything….
And it’s everlasting love.

Sergio Ragaini

(Intersein Zentrum – 15/10/2006)
Hi Sergio,

What a poetic reminder of "now" moment !

What are the ways to continue to be in "now" - independent of circumstances, places and people?



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