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What role does Nature play in Higher Consciousness?

Communing with Nature - such as river, ocean beach, forests, mountains- not only recharges my vital energy, but also brings an inner sense of joy.

I believe that just being with Nature - breathing its fresh air, bathing in its mornings Sun rays, roaming in its wilderness - in itself is a Meditation. It replenishes vital energy to my Body, brings joy to my Heart, soothes my Mind and, needless to say, connects me to the Source - the Spirit.

Please share with us through this Forum your thoughts and experience with Nature and how it helps you in expanding your consciousness.

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I agree with all that you have said, communing with nature brings me such joy.
Trees and especialy beech forests I find very cleansing - many is the time when
I have been sad at heart, or deeply in pain, and a walk in the woods has not only
lifted my spirits, but cleansed my heart.
On top of that I have fascinating meetings with nature spirits and devas who allow
me to see the world in a completely different way. It will be a wonderful time when
alll people communicate and work with these wonderful beings.
I agree wholeheartedly. When I am in nature for long periods of time, the need to meditate becomes less and less. I feel my tension fade without any help from me, besides the acceptance of the beautiful nature around me.

Interesting observation ! I feel the same way - being with nature is a meditation in itself. I think once you are in the middle of nature, our mind is slowly drawn away from the world of human affairs. At the same time, our senses become attentive to diverse elements (sounds, smell, sights etc) around us. This helps in slowing down thinking mind while awakening perceptive mind.

You ARE nature and this is why it... 'fits'.. so well. We are the same :) Nature does not judge us either, we are the only ones who judge. So we find we are at ease when we are in an environment that does not judge. This is why people have certain communities and cliques, they feel comfortable in a certain area (geographic, societal) where they are usually judged LESS then in other areas. Judgement will come to a close.

Henry David Thoreau


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