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This being my first post, I would like to start by thanking and congratulating Bijay for starting this forum. I truly hope it becomes engaging as well as mutually beneficial for all members. Second, I want to share my perspective on harmony and invite you to share yours.

If you think of the world in terms of inside (your mind and body) and outside (the rest of the world) then a journey towards a peace of mind might be smooth by being in harmony with your own thoughts, emotions and body as well as with everyone and everything else around. Do you believe it is possible to be in complete harmony? Are there ways you have found helpful to do this? What challenges do you face?

Love to hear your comments, opinions or anything you want to share.


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Great post!

My experience tells me that any journey to inner peace starts with harmonizing the key four aspects of our personality - Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. Body and its due desires must be gratified. Our thoughts and ideas must be in harmony with our atmosphere. Likewise, our emotions and feelings must be stable. Ultimately, inner peace is directly proportional to the extent we are rooted to our inner Spirit.

As for complete harmony - my take is that it is possible "within" regardless of the world "outside." The world outside is in a constant change and most of the times beyond our control. We must learn to live "within" ourselves regardless of the changes "outside" us. This is the mantra for complete harmony, complete peace.

Would love to hear thoughts from other members as well.

Thanks again for your wonderful post!

I certainly think it is possible to live in harmony but it's hard to say what that is because of the way society has developed. In fact, I think society works very hard to get out of harmony with nature, at least from a lot of places I've seen.
I find harmony when I am happy and enjoying nature. It helps if I eat good, wholesome foods and not over-processed products. If I am outside and able to enjoy nature with it's many living things my life feels complete and I easily feel in harmony with life. Exercise, good food, fresh air and sunshine. My challenges are working at a computer and living in the city.

Yes, I thank Bijay for starting a beautiful soul filled site.

I am reading the entries of each member and finding bits of wisdom in all that has been written.

I would love to say that I have found a way to stay in my place of soul, my circumstances are intense.
As I am immersed in a legal system that challenges me, emotionally, spiritually and what is just.
Truth has not shown to work in my favor. It has been incredibly painful.

But each day I set the intent of my day. When my
senses have a reaction to a person or situation, I go inside remember my truth and stay out of judgement.
It does not always work, as if has to do with a child or an unjust situation, my emotion's react.

Learning as I go...
and not forgetting to breathe....

Dear Bijay, Josephine, Kim and everyone else:

Thanks for sharing your observations (and others for simply reading my post if you did). I also feel it is possible - and necessary too - to experience harmony both inside and outside. But as some of you observed in your own specific contexts, this is an ongoing journey filled with setbacks and challenges. One of the challenges I find is regaining balance constantly as the "inside" tries to cope with with new issues and situations that often cross path unexpectedly and rapidly. For instance, I work on collaborative projects involving multiple groups and often this require relatively quick decision-making, the outcome of which can clearly favor certain individuals/groups more than the others. As I struggle to find the balance for every side to win, the logical choice seems to simply protect my self-interest - yet it doesn't feel harmonious. Any thoughts?

Perhaps the most important part of finding harmony within, as I have observed, is self-discovery. The more I understand about what my thoughts are and, perhaps even more difficult, why they are - the easier I find to hold my feet on an objective platform with mind anchored to something beyond "me". And to me that is begining of self-surrendering. What are your thoughts?

Another thought I want to leave here is if one extends the concept of "inside" to include a group of individuals gathered around a common interest (eg: this forum), then do you agree that finding harmony "within" (let's say harmony among all registered members) would allow this forum to be in harmony with "outside" (eg: all othe forums in the digital world)?

Love to hear more comments, opinions or anything else anyone wants to share.

Wonderful Topic. It's the fist time I write on this Forum.
Harmony is possible if we are in touch with our deep Self. If we turn inward, beneath our Heart, here our Harmony may be found.
I think that, wherever we shine the light of awareness over our life, here is Harmony.
We feel in balance if we are connected with the Whole, lying into ourself.
Every time we feel unbalance, we feel unrooted, it's enough to go deeply into ourselves, and we may feel the deep breath of life. Everything, this way, may turn int wonder. We may really enjoy everything, even simple. A flower across us may get the best flower for our heart. The smile of a child may turn into the deepest smile of our heart. When we get rid of our Ego, when we allow ourselves to drop the pictures lying deeply into us, a crowding our mind, so a new light may shine into us. And this is the best light, the light of ourselves. This light scattering the darkness and bringing about joy and peace.
And a new world may be about to start. The world always into us, everlasting into our life, but so hidden. When this world comes into light, everything changes, you experience a shift into your life. And sorrow turns into joy, darkness turns into everlasting life.


Armonia Armonia è in un istante che tocchiamo nel tempo senza tempo-qui ed ora- respiriamo e raccogliamo,espandiamo e doniamo è un lampo di luce è un sogno che ci avvolge che si colora di immagini quelle che costruiamo con la nostra attenzione. Se seminiamo amore se seminiamo pazienza se seminiamo gioia e gratitudine avremo i frutti che durano per semore. 25.05.2007 Poetyca Harmony Harmony is in an instant that we touch in the time without time-here and now - we breathe and we pick up,we enlarge and we give it is a lightning of light it is a dream that winds us what it becomes flushed of images those that we build with our attention. If we sow love if we sow patience if we sow joy and gratitude we will have the fruits that last for ever. 25.05.2007 Poetyca
Hi Shailendra,

As above, so below. As within, so without. The world is as it is and as it is, it should be. This is the rita or order of the universe that we find ourselves in. The disharmony is within the mind and it can be brought into balance if we learn to let go of expectation and find contentment in what the Zen master called "Everyday suchness". Everyone is where they need to be to solve the problems that need to be solved in this incarnation. We have to learn not to be the bringers of anyones negative karma. It boils down to the brilliant teachings in the kriya lineage. Become less emotional. Stop reacting to, and feeding the insanity. Learn to be still and meditate, meditate, meditate. All we can do each time we forget who and what we are is; dust ourselves off and once again put one foot in front of the other.
Mystically speaking there is no 'out there' and 'in here'. Just Life. The problems arise because we separate the two and associate the life Divine with the thoughts we think. The yoga sutra's explain to us that peace or harmony is a natural condition and it is only in other than the natural state that the seer appears to be the same as the thought wave in the mind.
It is here right now- harmony, it always has been and always will be. Through the extreme problems we currently face and the ones we have dealt with over the history of human time, we ARE learning that the necessity of these problems is to make use more aware. And awareness brings a new direction which creates a new shift in consciousness.

I'm very excited and looking forward to these changes. One of the most profound writers that has influenced me recently has been Andreas Moritz and his book 'Lifting the Veil of Duality' . Absolutely a must read if you are dealing with your inner peace vs. the what you currently see/have seen in the present/past of the outside world.


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